How to stay safe when drinking

Drinking alcohol can make people more likely to have accidents or find themselves in risky situations. The more alcohol you drink on one occasion, the less you will be able to notice dangerous situations or make good decisions. If you are a heavy drinker or drink more than the limits suggested by the low-risk drinking guidelines, you are at risk of harming yourself or others. If you are going to drink, plan ahead to stay safe.

Tips to reduce your risk and stay safe when drinking:

Limit your drinks to the low-risk alcohol guidelines for healthy adults
Track how much you drink and stop drinking before you feel drunk.
Switch to water or non-alcoholic drinks in between alcoholic drinks.
Eat before and while you are drinking
Stick with your friends or family and do not wander off alone.
Watch out for friends and family to help keep them safe. Women are especially vulnerable to unwanted sexual attention and greater risk of sexual assault when alcohol is present.
Plan a safe way to get home. Do not walk home after a night of drinking. Call a cab or call a friend to pick you up. If you have to walk, do not walk alone.
Be extra careful when drinking alcohol in freezing temperatures. You might know the dangers of the harsh climate in the North, but remember that alcohol lowers your ability to make good decisions and you might take risks that you would never normally take.
If you drink alcohol, do not drive any vehicle (ATV, skidoo, boat), and do not ride with someone who has been drinking.
Do not mix alcohol with medications or illegal drugs. Other drugs may interact with alcohol and cause effects that you do not expect or are unable to control.
Do not drink when there is a chance of accidents or injuries, like using machinery or tools, or if you are out on the land.
Never drink alone.

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