When zero is the limit

The low-risk drinking guidelines give suggestions about when NOT to drink any alcohol to reduce the health and social harms.

Times when NO alcohol is safest:

Driving a car, snowmobile, boat, or ATV.
Using machinery or tools.
Pregnant, planning to get pregnant or about to breastfeed. Alcohol in the mother’s bloodstream can harm a developing baby and no amount of alcohol is safe if you are pregnant.
Taking medications or drugs that don’t mix with alcohol. Alcohol can make medications less effective or too strong, and can cause a bad reaction.
Playing sports or doing activities like hunting, fishing or camping.
Responsible for the safety of others.
Living with mental health issues. It has also been shown that people with mental illness who drink are at greater risk of suicide.
Living with physical health problems made worse by alcohol, like heart problems, high blood pressure, hepatitis or any other form of liver disease.
Living with alcohol addiction or dependency.
Making important decisions.